Posts about Birth Plans

More on birth plans (2.7.2011): birth plans aren't about the birth, but how others treat us
My birth plan (2.4.2011): slightly irreverent but entirely serious, including a hospital version
Additional thoughts on birth plans (1.31.2011): why I haven't written a birth plan, why birth plans exist, getting BRAINED
Thoughts on birth plans (1.30.2011): Why write a birth plan, tips on writing one, and what birth plans actually do
Don't ask, just do (12.12.2010): Some things you just do--don't write them in a birth plan
Physician/midwife recommendations in central IL (12.3.2010): choosing the right provider
A physician speaks about doulas and birth plans (7.1.2010): Are birth plans "nonsense"? Plus lots of additional reading on birth plans
Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates: Doula ban and birth plans (6.25.2010): A Utah OB/GYN group bans doulas and birth plans
Totally freakin' amazing birth stories (4.25.2010): a nurse gets really excited about following a birth plan
Failure to progress or failure to be patient? A birth story (1.15.2010): My SIL's long, long birth, in which her midwives stick to her birth plan
Ghouls and doulahs (10.30.2009): A sign banning doulas and birth plans
Home birth news and articles (8.6.2009): excerpt from an article on birth plans by Jennifer Block
Hospital tour (2.28.2009): A tour of my local hospital's maternity wing
Review of "Your Best Birth" (6.23.2009): See the authors' comments about birth plans
A Dooce of a birth story (7.14.2009): Dooce tells about her natural birth
Midwifery model of care (1.21.2009): Jill argues that if you need a birth plan, you have the wrong provider
What if you never saw a birth like this? (5.14.2009): A family physician tells a client's birth story
Jessica Alba and hypnobirthing (7.20.2008): her birth plan included laboring at home as long as possible and using hypnobirthing

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